Gap Free Kids

At Dental Esthetique we believe families are very important and all kids should get a great dental start in life. Good dental habits from an early age set kids up to have healthy teeth in the future, something we are very aware of with our own young family.

Dental Esthetique are proud to provide Gap Free Kids treatments for all kids covered by a private health insurance plan who are 17 years and under. This offer is available all year round.

Whilst different health funds have different offers and benefits for families, for our part we can just ensure parents have no out of pocket expenses whilst looking after your kids teeth.


Gap Free is when we provide a treatment (covered by your Health Insurance provider) that has no additional payment over and above the amount the Health Insurer covers.

You have no out of pocket expense for the treatment.

To Make an Appointment

Use the online booking function on this page or call us on (08) 9381 3791 to make an appointment.


We are preferred providers for the following health funds.  As a preferred provider you will be entitled to the maximum allowable benefit from your health fund for all services at our practice.

Whilst we are preferred providers for the above health funds, we accept all health funds and are able to claim on the day if the patient brings their health insurance card. We also accept Department of Veteran Affairs & Medicare patients who can also claim on the day if they present the relevant cards.